‘’Platinum Pool has been manufacturing plastics for decades. With all these years of experience, we are convinced that we have the best knowledge in this field and that is why we can offer our customers the most resistant and reliable swimming pool products, designed, molded and assembled by us. So here are all of our products made in United States.’’
The Platinum line is a popular series of products with a unique design and animated colors. All these products are manufactured in the United States, made of a quality plastic and are assembled by our employees in order to allow a better quality control.
The resistant rubber bumper on each product will protect your pool and spa better than any other vacuum head.
MAIN DRAIN We are manufacturing 2 types of main drain. At Platinum Pool, we have a ''threaded'' main drain and a ''slip'' main drain. Both are anti-entrapment. The difference is in the hole fitting. Each main drain is VGB approved and includes a secure cover.
They are both made in ABS plastic.
Both come with all screws and parts, and are made and assembled in United States. 97TV = Threaded
97SV= Slip (not threaded)
Our 3 kinds of skimmers are made in the USA with ABS plastic. The ACM19500 is pre-perforated to accommodate the ACM-197 and ACM-197C. They are ''one piece''. ﷯
ACM192ABS ACM 19300 ACM 19500
Proudly made in the USA by us, the backwash hoses and vacuum hoses are the strongest in the pool industry. We manufacture the hoses using our own tested machine and we test each and every that we make. So, a Platinum Pool hose is proof of quality all made in the USA. BACKWASH HOSES / VACUUM HOSES
ACM 123-2  The ACM 123 is our most popular above ground pool step. Not only because of the beautiful and smooth curves, but also because of the solid plastic we use to manufacture this step. This year, we've added blue soft touch anti-slip to each step and improved the structure, adding an even higher level of security to this step. By adding a pre-perforated hole with cap, we are giving you the choice of adding a powerful LED light (ACM-125C) to your step. We are very proud to offer you a beautiful step for your above ground pool with cleaner lines and more stability. ACM 42 Here is our new resin deck ladder. The ACM 42 is a solid ladder for above ground pools. Adjustable for walls 48'' - 54'', we've made a simple and good looking ladder combined with an easy adjustment method.


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