At Platinum Pool, we are hiring people to work in our Canadian shipping location as well as in our Rouses Point, NY location where we manufacture plastics at Champlain Plastics. We have a large variety of different jobs to offer. From Machine operator/production worker to blow molding set-up technician, Champlain Plastics can give you the opportunity to work in a great environment providing challenges, passion, effort, self-esteem and much more.
Well, you can discover why our coworkers have a stable job with us. We are sure that our company can give you benefits you deserve. At the shipping location in Canada, We are assembling pool steps, parts and more. Shippers are collecting boxes and products to fill orders. Everyone has a level of autonomy which we think is a great way to build confidence and experience. If you've already worked as a shipper and enjoyed the experience, you will appreciate working with us. Champlain Plastics also has opportunities for workers near Rouses Point in manufacturing jobs. We produce plastics and this means we are working with a large variety of different machines. If you have some experience with plastics, you would find Champlain Plastics to be a good fit. After reading our short description, you can also contact us for more information at the email address below. If you feel we have the right job for you and would like to join us, please send your resume to ﷯. Don't forget to include your resume, your name and email address in your message. Platinum Pool / Champlain Plastics
87 Pillsbury Road, Rouses Point NY, 12979
Human Resource: TEL : 518-297-3700 1-800-660-4135 Fax : 518-297-3777
 PLATINUM POOL by Champlain Plastics ~ 87 Pillsbury Road, Rouses Point (NY) 12979